[Cdash] Suggested patch to version 222 with regards to redirection to https:// from user.php

Kristofer Tingdahl kristofer.tingdahl at dgbes.com
Thu Jun 26 14:06:26 UTC 2014


1. Thanks for version 222!!
2. My system administrator installed cdash 222, and everything went well
(in general). We did however have a problem as loading user.php redirects
to https, while our setup does not support that. As our system is in a
shielded off network, we don't see the need for it.

The current functionality calls redirect_to_https(). My problem is that the
check that is done at:

$https_check = @fsockopen($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);

does check the http connection (which works), and not a https connection.
The attached patch changes that, so the test becomes more realistic to what
we are about to do. I guess that this is only half way, as you may wish the
possibility to set the port of the https-call than to the current http
call. That is not covered by my patch.

I can see that in a public system, it is indeed very useful to do this
redirection. In the light of this, I am proposing a patch (as attached) for
your consideration.


Kristofer Tingdahl
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Index: cdash/common.php
--- cdash/common.php	(revision 3533)
+++ cdash/common.php	(working copy)
@@ -2156,7 +2156,8 @@
     $url = 'https://' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']
                         . $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
-    $https_check = @fsockopen($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
+    $testurl = 'https://' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
+    $https_check = @fsockopen($testurl);
     if ($https_check)
       header('Location: ' . $url);

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