[Cdash] CDash 2.2 release

Julien Jomier julien.jomier at kitware.com
Mon Jun 23 13:11:58 UTC 2014

On behalf of Zach, Bill, myself and the rest of the CDash team, we are 
pleased to announce that CDash 2.2.2 is available for download at: 

More than 80 bugs have been fixed for this release and among the new 

   * Support for JUnit and NUnit tests
   * Support for Perforce Web Client
   * Support for Redmine repository browser
   * Better support for PostgreSQL  including version 9
   * Addition of developers statistics
   * News feed messages
   * New coverage presentation
   * Overall speed and robustness improvements

Documentation on how to upgrade from previous CDash installations is 
available at: http://public.kitware.com/Wiki/CDash:Upgrade.

If you have any problems or find any bugs, please report them at 

A list of changes for the 2.2 release is included below and at


Happy CDashing,

CDash 2.2 Release - Bugs fixed

*0014906: Fix schedule to build association when handling submissions 
*0014717: Fix SQL query quoting issue introduced in r3432
*0014683: Use correct variable to get db type
*0014682: Fix PHP undefined constant usage warning
*0014679: Properly check if specified project exists
*0014678: Drop weird copy'n'pasted comments from api/* files
*0014681: Fix typo in "feed" table definition
*0013400: Deleting all SubProjects does not remove the SubProjects section
*0013937: CDash does not filter warnings when requesting difference to 
previous build
*0014160: Deleting a group causes all builds in that group to disappear
*0014638: Fix a typo in the coverage viewer
*0014665: Generate xhtml to make the markdown standard compliant
*0014664: Add menu to viewNotes page
*0012989: Uninformative log message occurs a couple times a night on the 
CMake dashboard
*0013654: Failed to update from "expected" to "non-expected" when there 
are no build
*0014639: Fix undefined variable usage in test viewer
*0014560: Overhaul configure warning extraction algorithm
*0014589: Fix a PostgreSQL incompatibility
*0014588: Fix undefined variable usage in changes viewer
*0014556: ENH: Check that git directory is writable
*0014551: CDash gives out of memory errors when attempting to XSLT 
transform large XML files
*0014537: Fix a minor PostgreSQL incompatibility in test failure graph 
*0014531: Don't hardcode coverage threshold, use the one from the 
project settings
*0014530: Display correct configure warnings number on build summary page
*0014525: Daily Updates for Perforce reports Revision and Prior Revision 
as 0
*0014524: The path to the P4 utility is not quoted (reported by Igor 
*0014523: Drop remnants of backup page that was removed in r2599
*0014518: Add Perforce support to Daily Updates
*0014346: Fix a couple of typos in file viewer
*0014344: Cosmetics: Simplify some if conditions
*0014343: Drop incorrect & pointless query on client libraries info update
*0014513: Fix some html markdown issues
*0014480: Fix seeming logout in file viewer
*0014496: DOxygen menu should be renamed
*0014478: Don't display errors when project gets unselected on Edit 
Project page
*0014477: Drop unnecessary MySql-style quotes from SQL queries
*0014469: Fix broken markdown on registration page
*0014451: clientjobschedule.php doesn't encode project name before 
adding to submit URL
*0014423: Drop left-over code
*0014413: Fix grammar in coverage manager
*0014412: Handle '0 builds' and '0 failed tests' cases properly
*0014351: Fix lines of code calculation in the coverage viewer
*0014350: Set Append property to false in upload xml handler as files 
are not appendable
*0014189: dynamic analysis results not decoded
*0012368: CDash's build results html should use monospace font for 
'standard error' output
*0014364: Add missing dot which prevented job id to be set in client script
*0014374: Properly fetch result of SQL query on coverage info removal
*0014375: Fix incorrect string quoting in SQL query in coveragefile2user 
*0014341: Fix "user" table/function confusion
*0014340: Fix undefined variable usage in sendemail
*0010455: Show graph for <NamedMeasurement>
*0013782: inconsistent last submission time for project and subprojects 
in the project dashboard
*0013781: typo in manageBuildGroup.php
*0013751: Error page
*0013577: User Enumeration Vulnerability
*0013491: CDash banner does not escape strings, potential SQL injection
*0013256: cdash viewCoverage.php errors with new ajax interface
*0013041: CDash 2 is still reporting wrong summary info for clock speed 
and RAM
*0014621: Broken Filter Hyperlinks when enabling and then disabling 
*0013943: Backup.php missing
*0013428: Unknown column 'buildid' when running "Cleanup database"
*0014514: svn log not updating with https:// and self signed certificate
*0013079: Test attachment links broken when a test fails
*0012994: Sorting by "Build Name" column doesn't work right when builds 
have OS icons
*0012993: Times with milliseconds in them appear to be reported incorrectly
*0012990: Strange formatting, and missing total test timing in "Build 
Time" tooltip
*0012988: Column sort does not work for some columns in Coverage and 
Dynamic Analysis groups
*0012985: "Show Build History" link does not show any builds
*0012980: Last activity cannot be sorted on first page
*0012978: Make FreeBSD a first class OS
*0012950: login-based SQL injection
*0012937: [CMake] Broken 'headerlogo' link if 'Home URL' is not set
*0012949: CDash remove builds automatically even if 
*0012938: Unable to persitently change "Enable" flag in CDash Schedule 
*0013432: Registration Key URL in e-mail has one char to much at the end
*0012984: CDash generated RSS produces date with 2 digit years; 4 digits 
*0012948: Update data count misreported

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