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How to Join the Tcon

Number to Call

  • 1-800-728-9607 (in the US) or
  • +1 9139049873 (international)
  • access code 6815251


Project Management

Task Order #2

  • Draft received by some contractors
  • To be sent back to Terry ASAP.

February Meeting in Boston

  • Set for February 2-3, 2011 in Boston at Harvard Medical School.
    • A link to a web site for registration and hotel information will be sent shortly.

Technical Topics


Doxygen link broken

  • Is there a way this machine can be more "community maintained"? If Luis is out of town and it goes down and can't be brought back up, that seems like a big problem.
  • "Mirrors"? Have a few machines building the Doxygen. If one is down, automatically roll over to another one.
  • Build the documentation in the cloud? Amazon?
  • Someone (not sure who) said they can build the documentation in 5 hours. They will upload the tar to a public place that the Kitware servers can pull from.

Gerrit Reviews

Simple ITK

  • Dan Blezek to post Design Proposal
  • Weekly tcon scheduled on Wednesdays at 9:30am EST


  • Simple ITK currently needs std::tr1::functional and std::tr1::bind
  • ITK has duplicated tr1::is_same and in need of type traits
  • More information about tr1 can be found here:
  • What is the plan to add this to ITK?
    • Add Utilities/BoostTR1?
    • CMake guru needed it perform system testing?

ITK Examples

  • David Doria agreed that it is better to keep the original code in repository, and then map from it to the Wiki.
    • Lorensen: But this will restrict who can write examples.
      • Theoretically yes. However we have only had a handful of people actually modify an example. If you think it will be different in the ITK world, then great. Practically, I don't think we should cater to this essentially non-existent group.

3 Methods

Method Description Pros Cons
"Real version" (always up to date) is on the wiki. Nightly the wiki is scraped and pushed to a git repository. Largest group of editors. Edits are very fast and easy. Not guaranteed to compile (work) until the night of the change.
"Real version" (always up to date) is a git repository. Nightly the changes in the repository are pushed to the wiki. Better workflow for serious example contributors. Lose some of the "quick fix" edit capability.
Bi-directional Nightly the changes in the repository are merged with the changes on the wiki. Best of both worlds. Harder to setup.


  • Scheduled tcon with NVIDIA for Monday Nov 22 at 1pm EST
    • Let us know if you want to join.


Dan and Mathieu to report

Image Registration Revision

Registration Topic Page

Related Discussions

Level Set

Migration Guide Process


  • Target to cut it by Nov 22nd
  • Fix Windows 64bits problem with "long"


  • Xiaoxiao Liu (Kitware) working on partitioning the toolkit
  • Posted in the ITK/Modularization directory
  • TR1 - Boost support

TIFF Update

  • Brad King addressed the int issues
  • Currently at
 git fetch git:// +libtiff4beta6:libtiff4beta6
  • Luis resuming it
    • Need to coordinate with Arnaud to build it in Mac 10.5
    • Will submit it to Gerrit again soon.

Sequestered Reference Applications

We have already made significant changes, and they are not being recorded yet. It is time to setup these reference applications.


  • V3D Plugins
  • Slicer
  • VV
  • Insight Applications now submitting
    • Broken: need to use it as an example for the Migration Guide.

Development Versions following ITKv4


  • Insight Applications (ITKApps from v3.20)
  • ITK tests from v3.20


ITK Readers for Microscopy formats

  • There's a need for readers in the microscopy community in order to be able to use ITK
    • Zeiss (LSM and ZVI)
    • Leica (LIF)
    • Olympus (OIB)
    • Nikon ()
  • BioFormats has readers and example files for these. It is Java with C++ bindings for ITK, BUT it's GPL.