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  • What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a collaborative hypertext environment. It allows a community to easily create, edit and share information, documentation and resources. No special software is required, beyond any standards-compliant web browser.

  • What is this wiki for?

The idea of this wiki is to complement the existing CMake, ITK, and VTK documentation and resources, and provide a mechanism where the community can enhance the documentation, in the same spirit as the open source code. The hope is that it will grow to include recipes, FAQs, useful links, example code, and a selection of the best questions and answers from the mailing lists. The wiki is especially aimed at new users and developers, although advanced material is also covered.

  • Do I need to register?

You only need to register if you want to add or change content on the site. It makes tracking changes much easier (not to mention crediting your contribution!). Your details will not be divulged or used in any way beyond the scope of maintaining the site, and your real email address is not published.

  • How do I edit pages?

Pages consist of plain text with simple markup. Simply click on the 'Edit' tab at the top of the page, and follow the instructions. You are strongly advised to preview all changes before saving them, and add a meaninfgul comment that describes the change.

  • What is the syntax for the markup?

The new site uses MediaWiki, and the markup is described in the MediaWiki Users' Guide (section 3) at:'s_Guide

  • Where do I post questions about CMake, ITK, or VTK?

Please continue to use project-specific mailing lists for your all questions and discussion about specific project. However, once you have a good answer please posting it to the wiki in the appropriate section.

  • How do I do X with the wiki?

The site itself contains comprehensive built-in help, so feel free to browse and explore.