ITK Release 4/What Developers Must Do To Contribute to the Users Migration Guide

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What Information Must Be Captured

  • Git hash of the ITKv4 commit that changed the API
  • Migration guide page describing the justification for the change
  • Git hash of the Sequestered Applications commit that fixed the app to build with the new API

Proposed Procedures

General Ideas

  • Gerrit review checklist
    • Step that asks "Does this patch change the API"
    • If so, have the changes been documented in the migration guide
    • Only accept if documented
  • Documentation should include:
    • Names of files that change API
    • English explanation of changes
    • Code example of conversion from old API to new API
  • Some parts of documentation could be auto-generated
    • Extract English explanation from git commit
    • Find conversion examples in diff of tests
    • Names of files generated from git commits as well
  • Some sort of interface where automatic guesses for each migration component are auto-generated and developer can make changes to auto-generated results.
    • Maybe an addition to gerrit (how much gerrit editing can we do?)
    • If not, some sort of html form that is auto-populated from git and can be changed manually

Specific Proposals

  • Git commit messages
    • If changes api, commit message must start with API - ...
    • API changes must include sections:
      • RATIONAL: english explanation of what the change is and why it was made
      • Possibly include OLD and NEW sections for sample code
  • Gerrit post-review
    • Once change is fully reviewed and ready to be committed to master, developer must make a post to phpBB with full commit details
    • Forum post could be automatically populated by pulling in commit messages and/or review discussion from gerrit
    • Would then need to be manually edited by developer before final merge to master allowed



Developer's Migration Guide Workflow


  • Any API Change commit must include a single XML file in a new Migration subdirectory
    • XML file requirements:
      • List of files effected
      • English description of change
      • Sample code of example fix
      • Any automated fix rules that can be included
    • XML file format:
    • This file can be generated by running the script:
      • ITK/Migration/