[vtkusers] Ray Casting - creating mesh from vtkImageData

Joseph1001 joseph.bendahan at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 12:21:50 EST 2018

The application is to Raycast a line unto a 3D rectilinear voxelized volume
to determine the intersected voxel IDs and the path length (distance)
through each voxel. I was able to do this with
“obbTree.IntersectWithLine()". I used a mesh exported from Rhino to an stl
file and read the stl file (circuitous process). Here it is the working

import vtk
mesh = loadSTL("Voxels.stl")
obbTree = vtk.vtkOBBTree()
points = vtk.vtkPoints()     # List of intersected points
cellIds = vtk.vtkIdList()     # vtkList with cell IDs
code = obbTree.IntersectWithLine((0.5, 3.0, -0.5), (10.5, 0.5, 5.0), points,

Do you know how to create the mesh from vtkImageData? 
I tried the following:

imgID = vtk.vtkImageData()
....   # Calls to configure Image Data
flt = vtk.vtkImageDataGeometryFilter()

but obbTree.SetDataSet(flt) complains that method requires a vtkDataSet".

Thank you very much.

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