[vtkusers] build VTK in windows 10, msys2 mingw64 no success so far

Fcs ftpronk at engits.com
Fri Aug 17 08:35:57 EDT 2018

Ok.  This is clearly the wrong place for Qt/mingw support as it is not VTK

However, it sounds like you are mixing up the mingw toolchain instructions.
Make sure you only use MSYS2 and mingw-w64, and only follow the instructions
related to those tools. If you are trying to compile with mingw32-make, you
are doing something wrong, it's an obsolete tool. MSYS is unrelated to
MSYS2, and mingw is not the same as mingw-w64.  The instructions are a bit
confusing on that one. Also, make sure you are using mingw-w64  with the
correct thread and error model, and in 64 bits. (Unless you need 32 bit

Using QtCreator with native VS code shouldn't be an issue, you are not
linking to QtCreator so it shouldn't matter what it is compiled with, as
long as it runs.

The Qt libraries from the Qt installer are compiled with Visual Studio, as
is Python (if you need Python support with VTK), so you shouldn't have an
issue compiling VTK with Qt support.

Kind regards.

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