[vtkusers] build VTK in windows 10, msys2 mingw64 no success so far

Talal Albader badertalal at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 05:16:50 EDT 2018

Hi ,
thanks for the informations,
actually i am using msys 2  and mingw-64, the workflow i followed is by
installing msys2 ,then adding mingw-w64 toolchain followed by qt 64
installation (all inside msys2)
then i downloaded vtk-8.1.1
the good news that i managed to compile it at the end , by trial and error
work and iterations, just remove everything and try to do fresh build
the latest error i face was comming from segy module which i disabled and
the library compiled and built  with only wornings

that is for msys and mingw-w64 branch
for visualstudio branch i found that qt creator is combiled to be 32 bit
and it has only mingw 32 bit compiler so i droped the hole idea

last but not least  , i think this is a pure VTK issue  not related to qt
or mingw ,because other libraries are just going smooth and easy, why vtk
build system not like other libraries (sorry to say that but really a
greate library like this with too many use cases for visualization)  it
should be easy to install

after successfuly compiling VTK i found in msys  pacman -Ss vtk  that there
is vtk library there but no  VTK with Qt  , if it could be added to msys2
libraries will be great

thanks for all and sorry for the too many words


On Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 3:36 PM Fcs <ftpronk at engits.com> wrote:

> Ok.  This is clearly the wrong place for Qt/mingw support as it is not VTK
> related.
> However, it sounds like you are mixing up the mingw toolchain instructions.
> Make sure you only use MSYS2 and mingw-w64, and only follow the
> instructions
> related to those tools. If you are trying to compile with mingw32-make, you
> are doing something wrong, it's an obsolete tool. MSYS is unrelated to
> MSYS2, and mingw is not the same as mingw-w64.  The instructions are a bit
> confusing on that one. Also, make sure you are using mingw-w64  with the
> correct thread and error model, and in 64 bits. (Unless you need 32 bit
> software..)
> Using QtCreator with native VS code shouldn't be an issue, you are not
> linking to QtCreator so it shouldn't matter what it is compiled with, as
> long as it runs.
> The Qt libraries from the Qt installer are compiled with Visual Studio, as
> is Python (if you need Python support with VTK), so you shouldn't have an
> issue compiling VTK with Qt support.
> Kind regards.
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