[vtkusers] build VTK in windows 10, msys2 mingw64 no success so far

Talal Albader badertalal at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 07:21:13 EDT 2018

many thanks for the support,
in fact i was avoiding  visual studio because I am using Qt creator  which
is compiled with mingw, but it looks as you say  working with mingw to
build things in windows is opening many issues , in fact every time i redo
the process of cmake then mingw32-make i face different issues,   yesterday
i tried visual studio to build vtk in my other computer and it was very
smooth without any issue, today i am right now running a build with visual
studio for vtk where turned on Qt support   hope it will complete without

again thank you for the help you provide  for me as beginner I can see now
the problem with is just  my lake of knowledge but also mingw has part of
it :)

although i wanted to stick with mingw to the end :(


On Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 11:58 AM Fcs <ftpronk at engits.com> wrote:

> I managed to compile VTK 6.3.0 with mingw64 on Windows 10 x64 some time
> back,
> without any issues. So it should be possible.
> I also found this for you:
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44705845/file-too-big-compiling-on-cygwin-g
> Don't forget that you'll have to compile everything you want to have
> working
> together with your mingw64 toolchain and mingw64 built programs, starting
> with Qt.  If you want python support with your VTK build, you'll have to
> compile Python as well. Etc....
> So the general question is why would you want to move away from the Visual
> Studio toolchain. It is what works best on that platform, and, from
> experience, using mingw64 for projects making use of multiple libraries is
> really opening a can of worms. Especially as a beginner..  If the code you
> are using has a CMake build system, you can avoid having to touch any of
> the
> Microsoft products by using a CMake generator for the version of Visual
> Studio you have (use the latest...), and just use CMake commands to build
> the code.  That's what I would do if I had the choice.
> Good luck!
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