[vtkusers] build VTK in windows 10, msys2 mingw64 no success so far

Fcs ftpronk at engits.com
Fri Aug 17 04:57:58 EDT 2018

I managed to compile VTK 6.3.0 with mingw64 on Windows 10 x64 some time back,
without any issues. So it should be possible.

I also found this for you:

Don't forget that you'll have to compile everything you want to have working
together with your mingw64 toolchain and mingw64 built programs, starting
with Qt.  If you want python support with your VTK build, you'll have to
compile Python as well. Etc....

So the general question is why would you want to move away from the Visual
Studio toolchain. It is what works best on that platform, and, from
experience, using mingw64 for projects making use of multiple libraries is
really opening a can of worms. Especially as a beginner..  If the code you
are using has a CMake build system, you can avoid having to touch any of the
Microsoft products by using a CMake generator for the version of Visual
Studio you have (use the latest...), and just use CMake commands to build
the code.  That's what I would do if I had the choice.

Good luck!

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