[vtkusers] Shadow support on volume rendering

ianl ilindsay at insigniamedical.co.uk
Wed Nov 8 04:57:34 EST 2017

Hi David,

Basically any DICOM CT set will do, but a good example is the Visible Human
Female Ankle, available here:

This renders fine (see image) with the GPU renderer. I get a totally black
image when I add in the OSPRay render pass. I have verified this by writing
a loop to check the value of all output pixels, all end up as zeros.


I have had a play around with the TestOSPRayVolumeRenderer.cxx test. I
removed the data surface filter so the test only renders the volumetric
image, this seems to render fine with OSPRay, so it seems that my set-up is

As another test, I added a marching cubes filter to extract an iso surface
to my pipeline, along with a vtkPolyDataMapper to render it. In this
configuration, I see a surface rendered by OSPRay, so it seems that the
issue is something specific to my pipeline and volumetric rendering. I'll
keep digging.

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