[vtkusers] multi-pass in-place algorithm?

Dean Inglis inglis.dl at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 13:18:48 EDT 2017

I am developing a widget based on a sphere implicit
function that smooths polydata meshes locally.  The
idea is to apply local smoothing interactively to a single
input vtkPolyData.  Is there a way to do feed back
the output of my local smoothing filter into itself as the input or to
apply filtering operations to the same input?

here are the steps:
1) set vtkPolyData with pedigree Ids (via vtkIdFilter) as input to a sphere
type widget
2) apply vtkExtractPolyData to the input using the widget as
  a sphere implicit function
3) smooth the extracted output from 2) and overwrite
   the original points' coordinates using the smooth points  in 1)
according to pedigree id mapping
4) move the widget over the input and repeat 2), 3)

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