[vtkusers] Extracting largest region works with vtkPolyDataConnectivityFilter, but not with vtkConnectivityFilter

D L lackodan at outlook.com
Fri Jun 10 06:15:53 EDT 2016

Sorry for the late response on my part, I've been busy with other work yesterday. 

>You're welcome.  Your experience is not universal, though, lots of questions on this list go unanswered.

So I've noticed. Wish I knew enough to help, but this is not my area of expertise. 

>You mean vtkImageThresholdConnectivity? Yes, you could use a picker to get the data coordinates (these are the coordinates measured in mm, not the i,j,k location of the voxel).  Or, if you're lucky enough to know that the region will always include the point at the center of the image, you can use the coords of that point as a seed.
Yes, I meant vtkImageThresholdConnectivity, sorry. Unfortunately, since I'm trying to extract the bone layer out of MRI images, I know that the region doesn't include the point at the center of the image... Just to confirm: there is no way to automate this process? If I have a dataset of 100 scans, I need to pick a seed point manually for all 100 of them? 

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P.S. I assume you're only including the relevant parts of the message you're responding to in order to keep redundancy to a minimum and help others who look at this conversation later on to keep an oversight, correct? (I haven't actively participated in a mailing list before, so I'm trying to learn best practices as I go along.)
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