[vtkusers] Ubuntu VTK Compiling problems

David E DeMarle dave.demarle at kitware.com
Sat Feb 6 13:36:56 EST 2016

On Sat, Feb 6, 2016 at 12:27 PM, markovich <mark.m.peter at gmail.com> wrote:

> sorry i have overlooked the "don't need" ....
> then i don't see any fault in my installation process.
> vtk seems to be installed after "make install" on the system because i am
> allowed to type "vtk" in terminal and get a vtk window...

Sounds like it is installed, but the python files that are part of the
installation are not installed in a place where your python looks for them.

In your build directory look at CMakeCache.txt. It has a line with
VTK_INSTALL_PYTHON_MODULE_DIR. That says where "make install" puts them.
Compare that to the output of: >python -c  "import sys; print sys.path"

Fix by either changing VTK_INSTALL_PYTHON_MODULE_DIR, recompiling and
reinstalling, or in python add the directory to sys.path.

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