[vtkusers] Compute Concave Hull in VTK

Andras Lasso lasso at queensu.ca
Sat Dec 10 14:43:00 EST 2016

We've tried alpha shapes option of vtkDelanay3D several times but it always failed on our data.

If you need flat brain surface without furrows, one option is to convert your mesh to image and apply morphological opening with 10mm kernel size. If you want to play with this without coding then you can use 3D Slicer's Segmentation module (import your mesh in Segmentations module, select Smoothing effect in Segment editor module, choose Closing (fill holes) effect and set 10mm for kernel size).


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i would like to compute the concave (not convex!) hull of a vtk polydata surface.
I have a brain model and would like to get a flat surface without furrows.

I tried vtkDelaunay3D with some values for alpha and subsequently a geometry filter to get the surface, but
the result is not that good. (the surface isn't closed and i think that there are some triangles inside the surface).

Is there another method to compute the concave hull?

Thank you!

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