[vtkusers] Build VTK without OpenGL and with MPI

Paul T. Bauman ptbauman at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 10:36:20 EST 2016


I'm updating my build script for VTK. Ala the discussion in this thread,
http://public.kitware.com/pipermail/vtkusers/2016-December/097359.html I
would like to build VTK with MPI enabled. However, the (automated testing)
server I'm building VTK on does not have OpenGL on it (we're not doing
rendering or anything, just I/O of VTK formats for visualization using
ParaView). Previously, before needing MPI, the following CMake options got
the job done for me:

cmake \
-DVTK_Group_Rendering:BOOL=OFF \
-DVTK_Group_StandAlone:BOOL=OFF \
-DModule_vtkCommonCore:BOOL=ON \
-DModule_vtkCommonDataModel:BOOL=ON \

However, if I now add -DVTK_Group_MPI:BOOL=ON, then it seems to re-enable
OpenGL in my CMake build script. Anyway to have both?

Thanks for any suggestions.



P.S. I'm a CMake newb, so I'm happy to be pointed to a command to list the
options I can specify to the cmake command to try and figure it out for
myself without having to bug the list, i.e. an analog to Autotools
`configure --help`.
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