[vtkusers] scatterplot with different marker shapes, sizes and colors?

Mario Emmenlauer mario at emmenlauer.de
Fri Aug 26 18:55:01 EDT 2016

I've been using vtkPlot to get a simple and easy-to-use scatterplot,
and it works great! But ideally I'd like to also have different marker
sizes, i.e. to specify a marker size for each point. I could trace the
code into vtkOpenGLContextDevice2D::DrawPointSprites() where the marker
sprites are drawn. But a recommendation would help - is it even possible
and runtime-efficient to have variable sizes? Or would it come at a huge
performance penalty? How is the best way to achieve it, is it required
to patch vtk or are the other means?

All the best,

    Mario Emmenlauer

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