[vtkusers] QVTKWidgetPlugin is not loading in QT5 designer

Sankhesh Jhaveri sankhesh.jhaveri at kitware.com
Mon Jul 6 10:24:20 EDT 2015

Hi Pablo,

The error you're getting usually indicates that either you have built the
plugin against a different Qt version or if against the same version, then
a different Qt configuration or architecture or the plugin and Qt are built
using different compilers.

Do you have any other Qt versions installed on your system that VTK might
be compiling against? Have you tried compiling VTK against a different Qt

Warm Regards,

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On Sun, Jul 5, 2015 at 3:03 AM, Pablo Hernández <
pablo.hernandez.cerdan at outlook.com> wrote:

> I have recompiled QT (developer-build) to version 5.5, and using VTK
> release from git.
> I set VTK_QT_VERSION to 5, and it links and build properly.
> Eventhough when I add libQVTKWidgetPlugin.so to the qt5base folder, the
> widget does not load, with error:
> Plugin verification data mismatch in
> '/home/phc/Software/VTK-release/build-devtools/lib/libQVTKWidgetPlugin.so'
> I also tried with qtcreator, and no luck.
> ldd in the WidgetPlugin.so shows that is linking properly to the same QT
> build.
> I wonder, is there anybody who was succesfull using the VTKwidget in qt5?
> Is there a bug in the medatada in the plugin? I have also noticed that I
> receive a warning building VTK in the header Q4VTKWidgetPlugin.h
> Any clue is welcome
> Cheers,
> Pablo
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