[vtkusers] QVTKWidgetPlugin is not loading in QT5 designer

Pablo Hernández pablo.hernandez.cerdan at outlook.com
Sun Jul 5 03:03:36 EDT 2015

I have recompiled QT (developer-build) to version 5.5, and using VTK release from git.
I set VTK_QT_VERSION to 5, and it links and build properly.
Eventhough when I add libQVTKWidgetPlugin.so to the qt5base folder, the widget does not load, with error:
Plugin verification data mismatch in '/home/phc/Software/VTK-release/build-devtools/lib/libQVTKWidgetPlugin.so'

I also tried with qtcreator, and no luck.
ldd in the WidgetPlugin.so shows that is linking properly to the same QT build.
I wonder, is there anybody who was succesfull using the VTKwidget in qt5?
Is there a bug in the medatada in the plugin? I have also noticed that I receive a warning building VTK in the header Q4VTKWidgetPlugin.h

Any clue is welcome

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