[vtkusers] check for pipeline without input data?

Maarten Beek beekmaarten at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 9 12:28:26 EDT 2014

Hi all,

Is there a way to check whether a vtk pipeline has data to render? Many VTK algorithms display an error when they don't have input data. And these errors are harmless (don't crash the app), I would like to avoid them.

I currently am doing this as follows:

vtkMapper* mapper = actor->GetMapper();
if( 0 < mapper->GetTotalNumberOfInputConnections() &&
    0 < mapper->GetInputAlgortihm(0,0)->GetTotalNumberOfInputConnections() &&

    0 < mapper->GetInputAlgortihm(0,0)->GetInputAlgortihm(0,0)->GetTotalNumberOfInputConnections() &&
     .... )



One can easily imagine I would like to have a more convenient if statement, because currently I need to know exactly how long the pipeline is. 

For those interested:
This issue pops up, when when the rendering pipeline is created at the beginning a running the app, before the data is loaded Or when the data is unloaded in order to load new data.

Thank - Maarten
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