[vtkusers] Inactive render window

Mhatre, Mandar Mandar.Mhatre at karlstorz.com
Thu Oct 9 07:19:54 EDT 2014

Hello Everyone,
I moved a step ahead of the problem I had asked before, I can update vtkPoints and can do the rendering using some features of vtkTimerCallback2 .
As I moved ahead, I am facing next hurdle. Though everything works fine, pipeline seems to be working correct, my render window stays inactive and doesn't update until I move mouse, to get continuous visualization of the moving sensors I had to keep the mouse moving over the render window (that's really stupid). Can anyone suggest what can be the possible problem ? and how to overcome this ?
One more info, as I run the project, command window pops out. I used it earlier to debug the code using cout function, but now everything is removed as I reach the final stage. Still command promt happens to stay there, totally blank . I dnt know if that's somehow related to my issue.
Looking forward for your experienced advices.
Thanks in Advance.

With regards,
Mandar Mhatre
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