[vtkusers] Filter set of the polygons by one coordinate value

wydesenej wydesenej at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 06:11:55 EDT 2014


Iam finding fine solution for filter which will has on input vtkPolyData
contains vtkPolygons (like in example

Every point in ONE polygon in vtkPolyData has constant Z coordinate.
I want to filter vtkPolyData to remove all polygons with Z != x, where x is
my number.


vtkPolyData before:
polygon A (10,15,6)(12,12,6)(-3,0,6)
polygon B (10,15,6)(80,1,6)(11,1,6)
polygon C (10,15,3)(1,0,3)(-31,12,3)

vtkPolyData after filter with Z=6:
polygon A (10,15,6)(12,12,6)(-3,0,6)
polygon B (10,15,6)(80,1,6)(11,1,6)

Thank for all ideas!

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