[vtkusers] [VTK] Clip volume rendered dataset

Jon Haitz Legarreta jhlegarreta at vicomtech.org
Tue Jun 17 04:04:54 EDT 2014

Hi there,
already solved the issue.

Basically, once the vtkPlane and vtkClipVolume created, calling the
AddClippingPlane(plane) method of the vtkVolumeRayCastMapper object made
the trick.

I finally used the vtkImplicitPlaneWidget class, and made the vtkClipVolume
object's output be its input.

Finally, it turned out that memory use did not rise dramatically using VTK


On 11 June 2014 13:24, Jon Haitz Legarreta <jhlegarreta at vicomtech.org>

> Hi,
> I was trying to build a scene where both surface and volume rendering are
> used, and the volume rendered dataset is cut thanks to a clipping plane.
> Although I guess this is perfectly possible with VTK, I was finding it a
> little bit complicated.
> Thus, I decided to try with Paraview. A screenshot of what I have in mind
> is attached.
> So based on the skull stripping contribution [1], I'd like to be able to
> load the original brainweb.mha dataset for that contribution, render the
> volume, then load the output of the segmentation, apply a contour filter,
> render the surface, and be able to apply a clipping plane (through the
> vtkImplicitPlaneWidget [2] or the vtkImplicitPlaneWidget2 [3]) to this last.
> Basically, I'm finding it difficult to apply the vtkImplicitPlaneWidget or
> vtkImplicitPlaneWidget2 to the volume rendered object (the wiki examples
> [4] [5] act on PolyData types).
> Can anyone cast some light on this, please?
> Thank you,
> P.S.: Although at this stage I'm not concerned with memory optimization,
> it looks like I'll need to, since for the brainweb dataset (~7 MB) and the
> corresponding skull stripping/brain segmentation (~10 MB) Paraview
> allocates between 6 and 10 GB of memory, with some peaks at 16 GB :-S. I
> don't know whether I'm missing some important information regarding this
> issue.
> [1] http://www.insight-journal.org/browse/publication/859
> [2] http://www.vtk.org/doc/nightly/html/classvtkImplicitPlaneWidget.html
> [3] http://www.vtk.org/doc/nightly/html/classvtkImplicitPlaneWidget2.html
> [4] http://www.vtk.org/Wiki/VTK/Examples/Cxx/Widgets/ImagePlaneWidget
> [5] http://www.vtk.org/Wiki/VTK/Examples/Cxx/Widgets/ImplicitPlaneWidget2
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