[vtkusers] Extract color from mesh

marco piccima at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 14:41:26 EST 2014

I'm using intersectWithLine method to obtain the intersection point of a 
ray with a mesh. I'm using the point coordinate and the cellId for 
further analysis.
Since I have the labels as a RGB color I need to get the color 
information from that point.
I found different examples how to read the array names but there is 
something strange with the files that I'm using, I get:

      ./FindAllArrayNames 120_F_W1_M0.obj
    Normals: 0
    Number of PointData arrays: 1
    Number of CellData arrays: 0
    Type table/key:
    3 unsigned char
    7 unsigned int
    10 float
    11 double
    Array 0:

But I can visualize in meshlab the colored mesh!


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