[vtkusers] Issue with vtkPolyDataNormals + vtkRuledSurfaceFilter (ActiViz + x86)

Marcos Pilato Jr. pilato at deepsoft.com.br
Wed Dec 17 14:29:37 EST 2014


I am developing a software that allows you to enable and disable the display
 of some data. In practice what we do is add and remove the actor in
accordance with the user's wishes. This mechanism works perfectly for most
data. However, in a few moments for a certain kind of data the actor is not
displayed (even having added correctly). In our tests we observed the

1. the problem occurs only on x86. In x64 works perfectly.
2. the problematic data uses a combination of vtkRuledSurfaceFilter +
vtkPolyDataNormals. If we remove the vtkPolyDataNormals the problem

Our project is developed using ActiViz.NET, which uses the version 5.8.0 VTK

Has anyone ever seen this before? Can you help me?

Thank you!

Marcos Pilato Jr, M.Sc.
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