[vtkusers] CMake Boost with VTK?

Michael Jackson mike.jackson at bluequartz.net
Thu May 27 12:14:52 EDT 2010

So basically there is the Boost-Cmake located at www.gitorious.com/boost

Development stopped at Boost 1.41.0 due to someone stepping forward to  
do all the merges/testing with the newer releases of boost. I think  
someone did a clone and applied some of the boost 1.42 patches to  
their clone but nothing "official" from boost.org. The git repo is  
there if someone wants to step forward and coordinate a release.
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On May 27, 2010, at 11:52 AM, David Doria wrote:

> On Wed, May 19, 2010 at 6:34 PM, Andrew Maclean
> <andrew.amaclean at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Last time I looked at the CMake version of boost it looked to be
>> preliminary. I note that there is no mention of the CMake version in
>> the latest release, 1.42. I have reverted to using the usual bjam
>> version.
>> Andrew
> So what is the consensus? Are we recommending that people do not use
> this? As you mentioned, in the "official" release they are still not
> using cmake, but the cmake version seems to work fine with VTK. That
> change to the CMakeLists.txt I proposed doesn't really hurt anything,
> right? But it allows people to use this version if they choose.
> Thanks,
> David
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