[vtkusers] Experimental enhanced wrappers for VTK

Keith Fieldhouse keith.fieldhouse at kitware.com
Wed May 26 16:39:14 EDT 2010


I've been spending some time looking at your Wrapping work.  It appears that
your git tree was built with a mixture of rebasing and merging which
resulted in a somewhat wonky commit history (duplicated commits interspersed
with commits coming from VTK master).

In order to get a clean topic branch that will be a little easier for folks
here to look at (and to eventually merge with master) I spent a  bit of time
untangling your history (mostly by examining parentage and looking at commit
subjects).  In the end, by cherry picking the right commits in what I
considered the "right" order I was able to build a clean topic branch with
no conflicts.  Once I had that, I rebased it against master (as of this
afternoon sometime when I did it).  The result can be found in


As the topic branch Gobbi/Wrapping.

The result builds and the tests run so I believe that I've built a a
representative branch from your work.

If you plan on doing additional work on this, would it be possible for you
to grab this topic branch and work on that (without rebasing or merging for
now)?    That way we'll have a clean topic branch  for an eventual merge to
"Next" when we switch to branchy development for VTK.  Or if branchy
development comes later, this clean topic branch will be easier to rebase as

Thanks again for your work on this.


Keith Fieldhouse
R&D Engineer, Kitware Inc.
(518) 836-2190
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