[vtkusers] Experimental enhanced wrappers for VTK

David Gobbi david.gobbi at gmail.com
Thu May 13 15:55:50 EDT 2010

Just a quick note: I added some vtkArray helper classes to VTK_WRAP_SPECIAL:

The vtkArray wraps into Python very easily, thanks to the CreateArray method:
a = vtk.vtkArray.CreateArray(1, vtk.VTK_INT)

If vtkParse was extended to support operators and enum constants, then
the Python vtkArray would be indistinguishable from the C++ vtkArray.

Wrapping Charts will be difficult because of the use of templates.
Extending vtkParse to handle templates is certainly possible, but it
is a big project (but IMHO it would be much easier than switching to a
completely new wrapping system).


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