[vtkusers] visualization-problem after segmentation and cropping

Yusuf OEZBEK nasil122002 at yahoo.de
Mon May 24 22:26:23 EDT 2010


 I have a problem with cut (cropping) and visualization a 3D image, which I produced by the segmentation-method “watershed and region growing”. In the beginning I read the DICOM images with itkImageSeriesReader, then I run watershed or region growing algorithm, in order to connect itk with vtk and a 3D image produce and for the displaying of segmentation I use vtkContourFilter. After segmentation for cropping the images I use vtkBoxClipDataSet and vtkDataSetSurfaceFilter, but the result is a black screen.  When I read the images with vtkDICOMImageReader or itkImageSeriesReader and then segmented with volume rendering, marching cubes watershed and region growing, then it works completely well. The problem arises only when cut for watershed and region growing algorithm. What am I doing wrong?

To understand my problem better, please see my screenshots on the following link.
To determine whether there missing of any geometrical informations. I had sent the following outputs of tests.

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Hi Yusuf,

You should start by separating the segmentation
problem from the visualization problem.

Please do the following:

0) Just after you call:

   reader->SetFileNames( fileNames );


   reader->GetOutput()->Print( std::cout );


1) Run the ITK segmentation pipeline until you 
    get the segmented image, and save it as a
    MetaImage file (with extension .mhd)

2) Post the content of the resulting .mhd file 
    back to the list, as well as the print out of 
    the statement:

   reader->GetOutput()->Print( std::cout );

3) Use Paraview (www.paraview.org) to load the
    resulting image and extracting an iso-surface.
    Compare that iso-surface with the one that 
    you get by directly from the DICOM image.
    (and let us know what you find).

With the information from (2) we should be 
able to identify if any geometrical information
is missing from the ITK processing pipeline.



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