[vtkusers] How to switch off widgets?

Rakesh Patil rakeshthp at in.com
Wed Jun 16 13:05:52 EDT 2010

Hi..Sorry for late reply... As far as my knowledge is concerned, once you declare an object of widget,say, vtkDistanceWidget,If you say distWidget>On();it will be displayed and starts functioning.. And once you call Off(), it disappears from the screen..whereas distWidget>Delete() will delete that widget object.Hope that is usefulThanks Original message From:"Jothy"< jothybasu at gmail.com >Date: 14 Jun 10 20:41:52Subject: [vtkusers] How to switch off widgets?To: VTK Hi all,I have a vtkDistanceWidget rendered in the scene, but I want to switch off/delete this from the scene. How to do this?Thanks,Jothy Get Yourself a cool, short @in.com Email ID now!
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