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Rakesh Patil rakeshthp at in.com
Wed Jun 16 13:22:27 EDT 2010

Hello,I am developing FEM based application. Where in I am using unstructured grid to display mesh.Now I get output from the solver, as water surface elevation, and velocity information.Consider, there are 'N' number of nodes. And i have output at all the Nnumber of points(nodes), which issaved at every one hour. so, suppose I have 'M' number of sets of output data. Thus, to store these values, I declare 'M' number of vtkDoubleArrays and add this array to my unstructured grid's point data.i.e. uGrid>GetPointData()>AddArray( arr );Like this, i have 'M' number of sets for Water surface elevation, 'M' number of sets for velocity, and it may go on increasing.Now once i store them in this manner, how can i use them, in order to display contours for a selected timestep of a selected parameter?Now suppose, i want to view contours for Water surface elevation for 5th timestep ( or 5 set of output data ), then how can i simply use that 5th arrayof Water Surface elevation which is store
 d in set of arrays in uGrid..??i mean, the user will select a parameter( Water surface elevation, or velocity, velocity magnitude) and the timestep (1.... M )and it should display contour..Is this possible in VTK without reconstructing grid and contours..??Thanks.RegardsRakesh PatilDear VTK ! Get Yourself a cool, short @in.com Email ID now!
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