[vtkusers] Destributing Visual Studio 2008 built VTK based application

vidyadhar vidyadhar at lucidindia.com
Thu Mar 19 07:43:15 EDT 2009

Your application seems to be using VTK as DLLs. Usually the VS Setup project
cannot find these dependencies and hence fails to include the vtk dlls into
your setup. Result is that on other system, vtk is not available. Manually
locate and add vtk dlls to your setup project and build. You will need to
specify where to copy these files. It is better to copy these files where
main application executable will be copied. Windows always looks in default
folder for dlls. This way you can avoid clashes with different versions of
vtk on same system. We encounter this problem with some of applications
built using VTK. Although most of them copy vtk dlls in their own folders
these folders are then added to path and some other application using
different version of vtk crashes.

On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 3:34 PM, Arturo Caissut
<arturo_caissut at tiscali.it>wrote:

> Hi,
> I need to install a VTK based application I've modified into VTK-less
> Windows computers.
> I've used MS Visual Studio 2008 in Release mode to compile the application,
> I've built the application installer, I've installed it into a friend's PC
> that's VTK free and all seems to work good, but when I try to run the
> application an error occurs: "vtkGraphics.dll cannot be found", so my
> application won't run. I'm sure the problem to be easilly faced setting some
> building option in Visual Studio, but I really cannot figure out what I have
> to do.
> Is there anyone here experienced on this?
> Thank you very much,
> Arturo
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