[vtkusers] Destributing Visual Studio 2008 built VTK based application

Arturo Caissut arturo_caissut at tiscali.it
Thu Mar 19 08:38:25 EDT 2009

Good afternoon Vidyadhar,
thank you for your response.

I'm now trying to obtain a Visual Studio static linked output instead, 
to avoid a "chaotic" $DESTINATION/bin folder, but I haven't been lucky 
enough since today morning.
I hate when simple things are turned difficult.
Maybe I should try a previous version of Visual Studio.


vidyadhar ha scritto:
> Hi,
> Your application seems to be using VTK as DLLs. Usually the VS Setup 
> project cannot find these dependencies and hence fails to include the 
> vtk dlls into your setup. Result is that on other system, vtk is not 
> available. Manually locate and add vtk dlls to your setup project and 
> build. You will need to specify where to copy these files. It is 
> better to copy these files where main application executable will be 
> copied. Windows always looks in default folder for dlls. This way you 
> can avoid clashes with different versions of vtk on same system. We 
> encounter this problem with some of applications built using VTK. 
> Although most of them copy vtk dlls in their own folders these folders 
> are then added to path and some other application using different 
> version of vtk crashes.
> Vidyadhar
> On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 3:34 PM, Arturo Caissut 
> <arturo_caissut at tiscali.it <mailto:arturo_caissut at tiscali.it>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I need to install a VTK based application I've modified into
>     VTK-less Windows computers.
>     I've used MS Visual Studio 2008 in Release mode to compile the
>     application, I've built the application installer, I've installed
>     it into a friend's PC that's VTK free and all seems to work good,
>     but when I try to run the application an error occurs:
>     "vtkGraphics.dll cannot be found", so my application won't run.
>     I'm sure the problem to be easilly faced setting some building
>     option in Visual Studio, but I really cannot figure out what I
>     have to do.
>     Is there anyone here experienced on this?
>     Thank you very much,
>     Arturo
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