[vtkusers] weird edges on iso-surface (mac osx)

Henrik Westerberg henrik.westerberg at crg.es
Wed Jul 8 06:41:23 EDT 2009

Hi vtk folks,

I have been getting these strange edges starting to appear on my iso-surfaces recently
when viewed on a mac. Interestingly when I view the same iso-surface on my linux box
I don't have these artifacts (the  long edges). 

Both computers are running a build from the same source version of VTK (around 5.4) and
the same python script and the same data file. Could this be some kind of hardware problem
on the mac? Also I just tried the latest cvs version of VTK on the mac with the same

If wanted I can upload the python script for making the iso-surfaces, and visualising
the data.

Has anyone else come across this visual artifact?

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