[vtkusers] vtkProcrustesAlignmentFilter in Rigid Body mode

Thomas Hack hack at bonn.edu
Mon Jul 6 07:29:18 EDT 2009


I've got a question concerning vtkProcrustesAlignmentFilter (vtkPAF). I 
want to use it for two sets of landmarks (same number of landmarks and 
same sequence). I want to register them into the same coordinatesystem 
using a rigid body transformation. My question now is, how do i get the 
correspondig transformation matrix? GetLandmarkTransform() gives me a 
very strange martix, which does for sure not the right transformation. 
The result of the vtkPAF looks correct to me, but i need the 
transformation matrix, because i want to register two volumes on base of 
the landmarks.

Does anyone has an idea?


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