[vtkusers] Using VTK with measurement Studio - Labview.

Joby John jzj109 at engr.psu.edu
Thu Feb 21 13:06:41 EST 2008

Hello VTK users,
I have a working VTK under Visual studio 2005. It does some animation 
based on input from the mouse.
Now I want to use the data input from the DAQ card and feed it to my VTK 
code to do the same animation.

There is Visual studio plugin from Labview called Measurement Studio 
that helps you communicate with the card. However all the measurement 
studio applications are MFC projects. Can I make my VTK code (regular 
C++ code - a win32 project) to be a part of the MFC project?
Also Has anyone successfully gotten data from Labview to run animation 
in VTK?

Thanks and Regards.
Joby John.

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