[vtkusers] New vtkPolyDataToImageStencil

Michael Knopke Michael.Knopke at gmx.de
Thu Feb 21 11:48:50 EST 2008

Hello David,


I was eagerly testing your improved class, as I use it with good results for
volume cropping of medical data and hoped for a nice speed improvement.
Unfortunately I get a lot of bad results. I won't say that you class is
faulty, chances are high that I do something wrong. All I can say for now is
that my code worked before but when upgrading only the two files and then
rebuilding VTK, my code produces wrong results (wrong parts are cut out or
sometimes the shape is different). Converting back those classes solved the

Basically what I do is: creating a polyline (user drawn) on a orthogonal
image, building a tube like shape, reorienting the new object (same as
Image) and then using your class to extract the inside or outside. 

If you want I'll post the code here (next week, because I've got a lot of
work and It's a bit scattered through my app).

Anyway, it might also be an issue of inconsistency, because I updated only
this class and not the whole cvs. (vtk built without problems though)
Unfortunately I can't update because of some problems with the
borlandrenderwindow which seems to be incompatible with the latest cvs (will
add a mantis entry).

I use version 1.20 haven't tested with 1.21 only with 1.22 which fails. My
CVS snapshot is from: 8/20/2007 so quite out of date.




Michael Knopke


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