[vtkusers] How to convert the volume to vtkImageData?

Emmanouil Moschidis moshman65 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 4 10:03:59 EDT 2007

Hi Daniel 
there is the class vtkImageImport that probably can do your job. vtkImageImport has the method  SetImportVoidPointer(void* ptr). There you can set your pointer that points to your volume as an argument. 

vtk itk <itk.vtk.vc at gmail.com> wrote: Hi,
 I use XMedCon to load a series of DICOM files, and assign the volume data to my own Image class. The volume data is pointed by the class data pointer. I want to render it using vtk realtime. Thus, I hope the vtk (vtkDataSet or vtkVolumeData or vtkImageData) has the attribute (the pointer) to address the volume content. Or how rendering the volume using vtk? How can convert the loaded DICOM volume to vtk data then volume rendered? 
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