[vtkusers] CrystalEyes stereo on an SGI Prism

Jens Thomas j.m.h.thomas at dl.ac.uk
Wed Jun 28 10:29:07 EDT 2006


I'm trying to get VTK to work in stereo in CrystalEyes mode on an SGI 
Prism Extreme with 4 ATI FireGL X3 graphics pipelines and a Fakespace 
1280x1024 Stereo Projection system.

I've enabled the relevant bits in the program I'm using so that it 
enables CrystalEyes stereo in the vtkRenderWindow, but I'm at a bit of a 
loss as to what I need to configure to tell VTK to take advantage of the 
4 pipes and to use the different projectors for the different eyes.

Currently, when I try it, I get the following message:

Adjusting stereo mode on a window that does not support stereo type 
CrystalEyes is not possible.

If any one has any experience of doing this and can give me some 
pointers of how to go about this, I'd be most grateful.

Many thanks,


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