[vtkusers] Assemblies and vtkInteractor pickers

Eugene Kim eugene at salk.edu
Thu Jun 22 21:06:10 EDT 2006

I know i'm responding to my own thread (which has gone unanswered) but...

Could I suggest moving the function FindPickedActor in 
vtkInteractorTrackballActor to be moved to public access status, (and 
perhaps other functions).  This will allow the java wrapper to include an 
over-rideable method in the jni which would then solve all my problems. 
This might also need to include moving the PickedProp variable to public 
status, or implementing the proper set/get methods for it, so that i can 
actually manipulate the picked actor ( a more direct approach ).

Thanks again,

On Wed, 21 Jun 2006, Eugene Kim wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> 	I have a question on the default picker in the 
> vtkRenderWindowInteractor and thus classes like the 
> vtkInteractorStyleTrackballActor.  I know how to tailor a vtkPropPicker to 
> return to me not only assemblies but their respective paths, allowing me to 
> tease out the inidividual actor that was picked on screen, but I am not able 
> to do this with the pickers provided in the Renderwindowinteractor. This 
> seems to be because of the explicit GetViewProp() call in the C++ code, (that 
> exists in vtkInteractorStyleTrackballActor).  This results in the picking of 
> the top-level assembly only, and thus I cannot move indiviudal actors.
> 	Does anyone know how to fine-tune the behavior of the picker?  Is it 
> absolutely necessary to subclass vtkInteractorStyle or is there a workaround?
> Thanks,
> Eugene
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