[vtkusers] newbie Q about widgets and WidgetsCxxTests

kdsfinger at gmail.com kdsfinger at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 13:00:49 EDT 2006

hi, all

I have some questions about how to use the widgets (e.g.
vtkImagePlaneWidget) provided in VTK/Widgets. I am going to use them
in C++ program so the tcl and python is not considered. My questions
1. Is the vtkImagePlaneWidget a "standard" class of vtk? As I checked
the doxygen file produced based on the VTK-binary, I can't find such a
class. (I have the vtkImagePlaneWidget.o in
VTK-binaryWidgets/CMakeFiles/vtkWidgets.dir and
vtkImagePlaneWidgetTcl.cxx in VTK-binary/Widgets) I also have the
WidgetsCxxTests in VTK-binary/bin. I don't have vtkImagePlaneWidget.h
and vtkImagePlaneWidget.cxx anywhere in VTK-binary. How can I know
what functions can be used with the vtkImagePlaneWidget and how to use
it in C++ program?
2. When I try to run the WidgetsCxxTests in VTK-binary/bin, it takes
arguments from the command line. Is there any hint what the arguments
are? (I guess it taks the name of the widget I want to test, but did
not work).
3. Should I produce doxygen docs based on VTK (the sorce) or
VTK-binary? I believe some of the source is not included in VTK-binary
based on the parameters set when run ccmake. If the doc is generated
based on the VTK, then some of the classes may no available in
Thanks ahead for your help.


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