[vtkusers] Making True Constrained Delaunay

Amy Squillacote amy.squillacote at kitware.com
Wed Jun 14 11:31:57 EDT 2006

Hi Janko,

Are you saying that you want the hole to exist after triangulation or 
that you do not want the hole to exist (i.e., that it should be 

- Amy

Janko Jerinic wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to make a proper constrained delaunay triangulation 
> using VTK classes? The essence
> of the constraints is that we can specify edges to remain after the 
> triangulation, all I can do with
> vtkDelaunay2d is make a clockwise closed polyline constraint and 
> segments of the polyline do
> remain, but the inside of the polyline is a Hole, its not triangulated 
> at all. Is there any way of
> applying several unconnected line constraints and hope that the 
> triangulation would use them properly?
> Thx,
> Janko Jerinic
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