[vtkusers] vtkProgrammableSource in VTK 5.0 with Python

Tadeu Manoel tadeu at esss.com.br
Mon Jun 12 10:30:12 EDT 2006

Why is vtkProgrammableSource::SetExecuteMethod exported to python and
vtkProgrammableSource::SetRequestInformationMethod is not exported by

I am migrating some code from VTK 4.2 to VTK 5.0, and I'm new to this new
pipeline architecture. I'm having this problem now: in VTK 4.2, when
vtkProgrammableSource::UpdateInformation() were called, it automatically
called the ExecuteMethod from inside of it and everything was fine, but now
in 5.0 it tries to call the internal RequestInformationMethod, and I have no
way to set it from Python. I know this new way is better (UpdateInformation
should not request the full data), but I'm locked because I can't write my
own UpdateInformation for the source.

Would the best solution be VTK exporting this function by default? Am I
missing something?


Edson Tadeu M. Manoel
ESSS - Engineering Simulation and Scientific Software
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