[vtkusers] "Bus error" in vtkPNGReader

Randall Hand randall.hand at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 13:58:52 EDT 2006

I've got some code to write PNG files to disk, and just tryed to write
something to read them back in with a vtkPNGReader, and i keep getting a bus
error.  The image loads fine in FireFox, ACDsee, ImageMagick, Identify, &
Convert.  I can convert the image to a TIF, JPG, or BMP and those files load
just fine.

The files were written with VTK, the same version on the same machine, yet
it generates this error.  i've attached one of the images to this email, and
the backtrace is as follows:

Thread 0x10000
>  0 vtk_png_read_info(png_ptr = 0x1004ff98, info_ptr = 0x1005d1c8)
   1 vtkPNGReader::ExecuteInformation(void)(this = 0x100484e8)
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