[vtkusers] Re: "Bus error" in vtkPNGReader

Randall Hand randall.hand at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 15:11:28 EDT 2006

With a little more research, this seems to be something related to Irix.
Using Paraview 2.4.3, I get the exact same error attempting to read a PNG

I'm able to open it on linux & windows without any trouble.  Any idea what's
going on here?

On 6/2/06, Randall Hand <randall.hand at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've got some code to write PNG files to disk, and just tryed to write
> something to read them back in with a vtkPNGReader, and i keep getting a bus
> error.  The image loads fine in FireFox, ACDsee, ImageMagick, Identify, &
> Convert.  I can convert the image to a TIF, JPG, or BMP and those files load
> just fine.
> The files were written with VTK, the same version on the same machine, yet
> it generates this error.  i've attached one of the images to this email, and
> the backtrace is as follows:
> (dbx)
> Thread 0x10000
> >  0 vtk_png_read_info(png_ptr = 0x1004ff98, info_ptr = 0x1005d1c8)
> ["/viz/home/rhand/src/VTK/VTK-VolumeModified/Utilities/vtkpng/pngread.c":407,
> 0x8b20800]
>    1 vtkPNGReader::ExecuteInformation(void)(this = 0x100484e8)
> ["/viz/home/rhand/src/VTK/VTK-VolumeModified/IO/vtkPNGReader.cxx":96,
> 0x7f19d5c]
> (dbx)
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