[vtkusers] a question about installation

David Cole david.cole at kitware.com
Wed Jul 19 10:55:39 EDT 2006

The win32.exe download only contains a pre-built executable that you can

If you want to build your own programs using VTK, you need to download
the source code tree (the .zip file from the web site or from VTK's CVS


闫 晟 wrote:

> I have installed the vtk-5.0.1-win32.exe downloaded from www.vtk.org
> on a Win2000 system. But when I configure the Cmake, it would have a
> error said that VTK not found. It tell me set VTK_DIR cmake cache
> entry to directory containing VTKConfig.cmake, but I can not find the
> file in my disk, neither in rood of the build tree nor in
> PREFIX/lib/vtk. Which step have i missed? Thanks for help.
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