[vtkusers] Texture mapping on a 3D surface.

Jens Ivar Jørdre jensivar at fmri.no
Wed Jun 8 04:36:07 EDT 2005


Here comes a question from someone who quite recently started using VTK 
4.2 on Windows XP. So far I've used VTK to visualize a tessellated 
surface of the brain  reconstructed from MR images.

I then want to move on to color the surface in grey tones according to 
voxel intensities of the surface points. I first tried to use vtkTexture 
to load a (3D) vtkImageData filled with voxel intensities from the MR 
image volume. However, since vtkTexture only supports 2D texture maps I 
had to give up this effort.

Then I've tried to assign texture coordinates to the points that define 
the tessellated surface, but I see no effect on the surface rendered. 
Does anyone have some example for me to look at? I don't find relevant 
suggestions in the examples shipped with VTK.

Kind regards
Jens Ivar Jørdre

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