[vtkusers] Is unstructuredGridMapper depracated?

laurent.paul at club-internet.fr laurent.paul at club-internet.fr
Fri Jul 15 11:38:08 EDT 2005

Hi users,

I'm using a recent CVS version of Tcl wrapped-VTK. 
I build a viewer in Tcl to see my volume. It works perfectly.
I'd want to clip this volume with a plane. To do, I use vtkImplicitPlaneWidget and vtkClipVolume. The output of the clipper is an UnstructuredGrid.
So I need a vtkUnstructuredGridVolumeMapper. When I use it, my viewer crashes and give me the error:
Invalid command name "vtkUnstructuredGridVolumeMapper"
while executing "vtkUnstructuredGridVolumeMapper clippeddatamapper".
In fact, Tcl doesn't know this command, as if it was deprecated!
Can I use this mapper?
Should I use vtkDataSetMapper instead?

Thanks for your answer.


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