[vtkusers] Creating a new vtk project in linux

Toh Da Jun tohdj at bii.a-star.edu.sg
Thu Jan 27 02:24:17 EST 2005


I'm creating a new project in linux...so I did the following...

1. create a directory "/home/usr/VTKBin/"
2. installed VTK in "/home/usr/VTK/"
3. copied all files in "/home/usr/VTK/Wrapping/Java" to a new directory
4. Change the directories in CMakeLists.txt and CMakeCache.txt
5. ccmake .
6. make

the output is as follows...

$ make
Building dependencies. cmake.depends...
cmake.depends is up-to-date

And nothing was compiled. The Makefile was not updated.
cmake.check_depends is smaller than usual.

So I tried copying this directory to
"/home/usr/VTK/Wrapping/NewProject/"...and did the same steps.
Everything works.

Any idea how to solve this?

toh da jun

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