[vtkusers] RE: Re: Picking

Scott J. Pearson scottjp at CLEMSON.EDU
Fri Jan 21 12:45:12 EST 2005

I am having difficulty with a similar thing. My project graphs a
two-dimensional unstructured grid; this grid displays the flow of a fiber
from a die, so it is long. In order to enhance viewing, I have a "broad
view" in which I horizontally stretch the actor to fit the viewport window.
However, when using vtkPicker, the tolerance is so great that just about any
point selected is chosen on the actor. As of yet, I have not found an
appropriate solution, sadly.


Scott J. Pearson
Systems Programmer, Center for the Advanced Engineering of Fibers and Films
Clemson University     864.656.6389     scottjp at clemson.edu
10 Riggs Hall, Clemson, SC  29634

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